We believe policymakers at all levels of government should adopt a policy framework that allows the FDA to lead a tobacco harm reduction strategy and implement regulatory policies that differentiate among tobacco products. For example, we believe that if a product meets the steep hurdle of receiving FDA authorization to provide reduced risk information, tax policy should reflect this science and evidence-based conclusion.

Supporting Appropriate Regulatory & Legislative Policies

We recognize there are a range of issues that regulators and policymakers are concerned about and that merit genuine examination and appropriate solutions. We seek to work constructively with the FDA, and federal and state policy makers to address these issues and advocate for policies which promote tobacco harm reduction.

We also share the common goal of restricting the sale and use of tobacco and other nicotine products to adults. We actively supported passage of laws in all 50 states to make it illegal for kids to buy e-vapor products before FDA extended its regulatory authority over these products. And given the rising concerns about youth e-vapor use, we support going even further. 

David Sylvia

Educating Influencers to Move Harm Reduction Forward

David explains the importance of "a dialogue that starts to build trust," and how Altria relies on external engagement to help move harm reduction forward.

We’re advocating to increase the minimum age of purchase for all tobacco products to 21. We will continue to listen to the many stakeholders that are active on these issues and to work toward solutions that help foster an environment that respects the adult consumer, provides accurate information and consumer choices, and leads to better policy outcomes.