The public should be guided by the messages of the U.S. Surgeon General, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other public health authorities worldwide in making decisions concerning the use of tobacco products.

Our tobacco companies' efforts to communicate about health risks begin with ongoing compliance with federal laws and regulations requiring health warnings on tobacco products.

Congressionally-mandated health warnings have been on cigarette packs since 1966 and cigarette brand advertising since 1972. Similar warning requirements have been in place since 1986 for smokeless tobacco products and since 2000 for the cigars John Middleton sells. Our tobacco companies provide reports, such as ingredient disclosures and information about harmful or potentially harmful constituents in tobacco products to various federal and state agencies, including the FDA.

For more information about product ingredients and how our tobacco companies communicate about the health effects of their products, visit PM USA's, USSTC's, John Middleton's and Nat Sherman's corporate websites.