Jon Moore

Despite New Products and Marketing Plans, Responsibility is Always Crucial

Altria is helping bring IQOS to market. But in a relatively new brand category, responsibility remains at the forefront of our marketing practices. Jon explains why.
David Sylvia

Educating Influencers to Move Harm Reduction Forward

David explains the importance of "a dialogue that starts to build trust," and how Altria relies on external engagement to help move harm reduction forward.
Mohamadi Sarkar

Moving the Science Forward

Meet Mohamadi, who leads a group of scientists, within Regulatory Affairs, that develop scientific strategies in support of regulatory submissions, advocacy efforts and the execution of scientific engagement with public health, FDA and other stakeholders.
Amber Roos

The Evolution of Our Underage Tobacco Prevention Grant Portfolio

Amber shares the ways Success360° aids in underage tobacco prevention through targeted grants and support of key nonprofits.
Alan Farren

Investing in Employees through Skilled Trade Career Pathways

Altria invests in skilled trade and apprenticeship programs to set up its employees for meaningful, long-term careers. Hear from one of PM USA's electrician apprentices and what the program means to him.
Claudia Mills

Communicating with our Trade Partners

Hear from Claudia on how we maintain effective and clear communications with our trade partners.
two men working on computer beside dried tobacco bales

Championing Supplier Diversity

In May 2018, more than 70 diverse suppliers gathered at Altria’s Headquarters in Richmond to connect, learn and network as part of Altria's longstanding commitment to Supplier Diversity and Inclusion.
Christine Smith

Supporting our Trade Partners through Responsible Programs

Keeping our tobacco products out of kids' hands is a responsibility that extends to all stakeholders, including retailers. Chris explains how we're working with our trade partners to help ensure a legal age of purchase.
Linwood Sykes

Driving Collaboration for Grower Sustainability

Linwood discusses Altria's GAP Connections program, which works with our contracted growers to establish Good Agricultural Practices, meet societal expectations and embrace standards that will lead to their success.
Janet Santana

Employee Resource Groups – A Collective Force for Diverse Perspectives

Janet, Chair of Altria's Employee Resource Group Sí, explains how Altria's ERGs engage employees of diverse backgrounds and impact our business and our culture.
Andrea Archer

Appreciating the Collective Genius at Altria

Meet Andrea, and find out how leveraging diverse talents is helping us tackle important challenges
Julia Marshel

The Value of Bringing Your Full Self to Work: An LGBTQ Diversity Journey

Julia explains the importance of finding a safe and inclusive space at the office, and how cultures at Altria are shifting to allow our employees to bring "their full selves to work."
Ingrid Lassiter

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion in Our Communities

Ingrid explains how Altria is working towards a 15 percent supplier diversity utilization goal, which will help spark innovation in our business, sharpen our competitive advantage and bring us a vast array of insights.
Mark Bradby

Partnering with our Brand Teams on Compliance

Mark discusses Altria’s marketing compliance review process, revealing that "our employees are trained daily" to take the higher ground.
reeds growing on the edge of a lake

Preserving the Waterway that Helped Build America

Philip Morris USA took an innovative approach to protecting a river that helped build America. Take a closer look.